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how to control anger 'Easy Meditation : Tips and techniques for the meditation beginner'

As someone who does meditations regularly I highly recommend everyone to make meditation a part of their lifestyle. It will help you regardless of whether your goal is to know how to control anger, or to experience more peace and positive emotions.

Because the practice of meditation is very closely related to emotional health, this guide would be an excellent complementary resource to help you achieve mastery of emotions.

how to control anger

how to control anger
~Guy Finley

Best selling author of the "Secret of Letting Go" and other works that have sold over a million copies worldwide.
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The fact is no matter how good you are at dealing with anger and emotions right now, I am still sure this book will give you that extra something. And having this may just be the final piece of the puzzle that allows you to make that quantum leap in your life.

  • Imagine facing any situation and being able to confidently go through it.
  • Imagine staying calm no matter what someone else says or does to you.
  • Imagine being able and knowing how to control anger, anxiety and disappointment regardless of what is happening around you.

If all those abilities could be purchased, how much would you be willing to pay for it?

Or to look at it from a different perspective, if you could put a dollar value to it, how much would it be worth for you to be able to have better relationships, experience more peace in life, achieve higher successes personally & professionally and be able to perform to your fullest potential every single time?

What would that mean to you? What would all that mean to your health, your relationships, your career and your finances? How would that affect the people around you?

Just imagine all that you can potentially gain from having all these improvements to all the different areas of your life. The potential is truly unlimited.

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Yes - I'm ready to take control of my emotions and my life!

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I've made sure that everything you need to achieve emotional mastery is contained in this book. As long as you take the time to read the book, follow the teachings, have an open mind and applied it in your daily life, this book WILL teach you how to control anger and make you a master of your emotions.

However, if at any point in time you feel that the book isn't all that you hoped it would be... I offer a full, no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee. Just let me know, and I'll refund your money.

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