The secret aspect that I was talking about is... the EGO SELF

Perhaps you may already know about the ego self, but the real big secret is in how your ego uses emotional pain to its benefit and to your detriment. That is what is causing all the pain.

Think of your ego as this shadow aspect of yourself that is trying to grow, survive and ultimately take control of your life.

And one of the ways the ego uses to survive and grow is by identifying with emotions, particularly negative emotions as it provides the right characteristic and intensity that the ego wants. In order to get it, the ego would try to use any opportunity or event to trigger an emotional reaction. It does this by 'painting' your perception of the event. That is the reason why something trivial can somehow end up making you feel very angry.

But why is it that we are so unaware of this happening?

The reason the ego is so successful is because it appears so natural and operates in a very subtle way

Even though your ego has been creating the experience of the negative emotions, the reason it is able to do it (and not let you even be aware of it) is because it does it in such a subtle and natural way. So much so that it seems normal and 'just the way things are'.

But the fact is that is not the way things are!

Unfortunately many are not aware of this and instead stay trapped believing in their helplessness.

What's worse is that many books out there do not emphasize about emotional pain in the context of the ego. Instead, most books only focuses on surface level behaviors and techniques for controlling emotions. Things like breathing techniques, visualizations, affirmations and distraction methods. It doesn't get to the root of the problem, which is why you never experience lasting change.

More importantly, the ego needs you to help it before it can succeed!

The great news here is the ego can't do what it does without you playing a part in it. At the end of the day, the ego needs your support. As long as you don't help it, it will lose its control and you will be free from emotional pain.

Find out how you help the ego create negative emotions and how you can break free from it
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