When you stop helping the ego, you break free from emotional pain

Unknowingly, you contribute and help the ego create emotional pain through;

  • Your generalizations and false beliefs regarding emotions
  • Living up to common (and dysfunctional) societal expectations about how 'normal' people should think and act
  • Aspects of your lifestyle and habits that encourages negative emotional reactions, and
  • Your deep seated negative personal ideas about yourself

All these would lead to the 'triggering' of negative emotions in you and that's when the ego can take advantage and build on that momentum to stay in control.

The thing is, if you are able to change the content of these elements, you will free yourself from the influence of the ego and cut down negative emotions and pain!

Introducing Never Lose Control Again
Your Guide To Emotional Mastery By Using The Approach That Actually Works

To have true lasting success in achieving emotional mastery, you need to target the problem at its roots. Which means to fix those elements above which are the real reasons for your emotional problems.

That is exactly the approach and emphasis of my ebook 'Never Lose Control Again'.

Apart from containing techniques and methods on handling negative emotions and quickly changing your emotional states, what sets this book apart is the information on how you and your way of life can become fully congruent and supportive of the way of emotional mastery.

This truly makes it an all encompassing, complete solution which enables long lasting mastery of emotions.


Congratulations, A True Job-Well-Done!

"... I found your book engrossing and directly correct in all the major areas wherein you define and further describe the various emotional states and conditions we human beings find ourselves in our current complex society.

You accomplished this while keeping the total presentation crisply definitive, yet easily understandable for the student, without the onset of the multi-syllable psycho-babble that eminates from so many supposed knowledgeable authorities..."

Bill Burns

'Never Lose Control Again' can help you in the following situations

  • When you feel panic , or get stressed from the pressures in the workplace and other situations......
  • Learn four powerful techniques to quickly get out of unwanted negative states such as fear, anxiety and pressure; and stay calm even when you are surrounded by chaos. Further learn how you can combine these four techniques into a four step process, allowing each technique to leverage on the other and maximize impact.

  • When you're feeling anxious and restless, and find it hard to experience peace and stillness...
  • Learn how to face and 'follow through' on your emotions. Doing so allows you to finally have closure over the episode and let go of its emotional charge, freeing you to experience peace and stillness

  • When you get consumed by anger and just can't control yourself.....
  • Pick up the skill to quickly snap out of an angry state (or any other emotion) by learning how to 'break the pattern' of the negative emotion and get into a neutral state

  • When you find yourself still feeling angry, sad or miserable even long after the triggering incident has passed....
  • Learn how adopting certain beliefs about staying in negative emotions can create an unstoppable inner drive and motivation that pushes you to take action on to change your emotional state no matter when or where you are

  • When you can't concentrate and perform to your potential because of emotional chaos within you......
  • Discover how you use the energy projection technique to project out the state you want to be in and get focused, sharp and confident. Learn how you can put yourself in an optimal state and become more productive and get things done quicker.

  • When you feel embarrassed, insecure or not confident of yourself....
  • Understand how your insecurities are created by your 'personal myths' and lack of self acceptance. Learn how you can overcome it and be naturally confident and secure of yourself no matter what others are saying or what's happening.

  • When you face negative emotions arising from disagreements and conflicts with others.....
  • Learn to direct your focus by adopting empowering supporting beliefs and by making use of 'effective self questioning'. This allows you to see things objectively and focus on your intended goals instead of getting caught up in the emotions.

  • Just about any other emotional challenges that comes your way!

how to control anger

Presented in an easy to understand and structured manner with step by step instructions, packed in 100 pages of solid information!

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1. Why We Are Prone To Emotional Pain
2. The Secret Element That Causes Negative Emotions
3. Breaking Free From The Secret Element & Emotional Pain

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