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"Master your emotions and literally transform your life"
~Ethan Beh

Founder, Self-Improvement-Mentor.com & author of "Never Lose Control Again" emotional mastery guide
Hi, my name is Ethan Beh and I am the author of 'Never Lose Control Again' and a self improvement enthusiast! I am also a business consultant, writer, website owner, musician, book lover and knowledge hungry guy.

Since my mid-teens, I have been passionately interested in human behavior, spirituality and self improvement. Since then I've spent many years gobbling up everything I can on the subject. Gems from Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle and many others.

Being so passionate about this subject and always wanting to share and talk about it, it eventually led me to creating my website Self-Improvement-Mentor.com in 2008.

This website is my way of connecting and sharing with like minded individuals and just about anyone who is interested in personal growth and improvement. It is my collection of knowledge and experiences gained through the years.

Why I wrote the Never Lose Control Again emotional mastery guide

Through the years I regularly receive emails from visitors to the website. One thing that struck me was that most of the emails I received were regarding emotions. Even though I've written over 100 articles on my website on a wide variety of topics including positive thinking, confidence, leadership and many others; emotional difficulties seem to be a constant recurring theme among visitors. In fact, around 90% of the emails I receive from visitors are about their inability to control and handle emotions.

That is why I've written this book to provide a complete guide on how one can truly master their emotions through adopting a balanced and all-encompassing approach.

After struggling with emotions myself, what I found out after years of study was that just like everything else in life, true lasting success in emotions can only be obtained when we adopt a balanced and all-encompassing approach. Not just using some quick tips and techniques, but rather to have total alignment and harmony between all the parts within us working towards that one single outcome. Only by doing this can we have huge improvements in our emotional health.

That is exactly the approach of the 'Never Lose Control Again'.

If you are facing emotional challenges or just wish to improve in this area of your life, I truly believe that 'Never Lose Control Again' will be the answer to you.

If you want to get in touch just go to the 'contact me' page and leave a note. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Wishing you all the best,

Ethan Beh
Founder | Editor

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3. Breaking Free From The Secret Element & Emotional Pain

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