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Do You Know That You Actually Love Negativity And Emotional Pain?!!

Studies have shown that humans are prone to self destructive behavior. Why is this so? Read on to find out.

If you are sick of emotional pain and discomfort then you need to know this.

The reason you experience negative unwanted emotions is because there is a part of you that secretly wants to experience pain, punishment and unhappiness. In fact, it needs to have that experience!

Yup that's right. There is this secret element that is causing you emotional pain.

Often times your negative emotions doesn't really have anything to do with the situation or circumstances, but rather it is created internally within you by this 'thing'.

Find that hard to believe? Then ask yourself why are there occasions where you just find yourself getting annoyed and angry by very minor things. When you consider what has actually happened, it really doesn't make any sense that you felt those strong feelings of anger and unhappiness.

However that is what happened. In fact this happens all the time and the reason for it is because there is a part of you that is making it happen.

As long as you let this secret element continue to affect you, your life would suffer because of your self destructive behaviors

It is extremely urgent and important that this secret element is dealt with as soon as possible.

The reason is because negative emotions can go a long way in affecting your experience and results in life. Everything affects everything else. A negative thought or state would affect your capacity to think objectively, and this in turn would lead to wrong decisions, negative actions and ultimately self hatred and self destructive behaviors.

Self hatred and self destructive behaviors will come about because in those moments of anger, depression and negativity, you need an outlet to vent out. And often times the outlet that you choose to vent out on is your very own self!

When you vent out at yourself, you start to think and act with bitterness and spite. You do things that punishes and hurts you, and you genuinely start to feel that you deserve pain and suffering. Unconsciously you develop beliefs about self hatred and unworthiness and you create a negative reality.

At the end of the day, everything that you do, every thought that you have, is affecting how your life would turn out. No matter how minor something appears to be, everything adds up. Which is why it is so important and urgent to deal with this secret element as soon as you can. And that means right now!

So what is this secret aspect and why are we so unaware of it?
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